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Dolomite Drop-seq

The Dolomite Single-Cell RNA-Seq System is now available at MHTP Medical Genomics Facility to enable transcriptome profiling of individual cells

Dolomite Picture1


  • Determine transcriptional similarities and differences within a cell population
  • Identify rare cellular subsets
  • Trace lineage and developmental relationships
  • Characterise gene co-expression patterns

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  • Multiple flow control pumps to regulate pressure and droplet size
  • Re-usable microfluidic chips for cost-effective use
  • High-speed camera and microscope for monitoring droplet production in real-time
  • Versatile and adaptive system with applications limited only by imagination

Dolomite Picture3

scRNA-Seq System Benefits:

  • Fast: mRNA for ~6,000 single-cell libraries captured in a 15-minute run
  • Reproducible: Microfluidic droplet technology enables encapsulation of single cells
  • Flexible: Second channel allows co-encapsulation of cells with oligonucleotide-barcoded beads and lysis buffer

Why droplets?

  • Droplets can be used as micro-compartments or micro-reactors
  • Single cells (or single nuclei) are captured in individual droplets
  • This allows thousands of reproducible compartmentalised reactions to be carried out on single cells in parallel (e.g. RT-PCR)

Individual cells are captured in droplets with mRNA-capture beads

  • Each bead has a unique 12bp DNA sequence ‘barcode’
  • Barcode is followed by a 8bp UMI
  • There are 16 million unique barcodes in the bead library

Dolomite Picture4

Dolomite Picture5

The cells are lysed, and the released mRNA is captured on the beads. Emulsion is broken, recovering beads with coupled mRNA for sequencing library generation


  • Please email the Facility This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting an initial consultation for your Dolomite project
  • Upon quotation acceptance, please submit your samples according to our sample submission guidelines