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Agilent Bioanalyser

The Agilent Bioanalyser uses microfluidic technology to perform RNA and DNA electrophoresis for sizing, quantification and quality control. Referenced by more than 10,000 peer-reviewed publications, the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser with its RNA kit portfolio has become the industry standard RNA quality control tool.

Sample submission

  • All samples are submitted using our online service link ARIN
  • Submit 2 µl of your sample (0.2 ml tubes) within the specified concentration range for each analysis
  • Samples are to be delivered in person to the laboratory
  • Refer DNA Kit Specifications
  • Refer RNA Kit Specifications

RNA analysis

The RNA 6000 Nano kit provides a check of total RNA integrity and quantifies total RNA and mRNA in the low to mid nanogram range.
The RNA 6000 Pico kit provides high sensitivity analysis to quantify low concentrated RNA samples down to 50 pg/µl.

The RNA integrity number (RIN) is a software tool designed to help scientists estimate the integrity of total RNA samples.

DNA analysis

The DNA kits are ideal for automated sizing and quantification of PCR fragments, restriction digests or fragmented DNA


Kits and Reagents

Samples per chip

Analysis Range

RNA 6000 Nano  12  total RNA: 5-500 ng/µl , mRNA: 25-250 ng/µl 
RNA 6000 Pico 11 total RNA: 50-5000 pg/µl , mRNA: 250-5000 pg/µl 
DNA 1000 (25–1000 bp)  12  0.5-50 ng/µl 
High Sensitivity DNA (50-7000 bp) 11 5-500 pg/µl